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Fruit & Vegetable Producers, Processors and Exporters Association


Stakeholder Roundtable Discussion on; How reducing domestic non-tariff barriers (NTBs) could boost agricultural export competitiveness
08th December 2016

Lanka Fruit and Vegetable Producers, Processors, and Exporters Association (LFVPPEA) and Verité Research was hold a stakeholder roundtable discussion on "How reducing domestic non-tariff barriers (NTBs) could boost agricultural export competitiveness". The event was took place on Thursday, 8th December 2016 at the Board Room of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce.

The meeting was intended to discuss ways and means to boost agricultural export competitiveness by addressing NTBs the sector faces when importing raw materials and exporting final products. The Association was convinced that this discussion is timely and important, at a time when the government has declared reviving exports a key policy imperative.

Verité shared the findings of their research on the topic with a view to initiating an engaging dialogue on the current status, discussed challenges and opportunities and identified suitable options for a feasible way forward.

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